Dafni beach


Dafni beach is located south of Zakynthos ( Greek islands ) in the area of Vasilikos. The beaches of this area part of  the Marine Park of Zakynthos. It is a long sandy beach with stunning views of the area of Laganas. This is where the sea turtle Caretta Caretta breeds its eggs, so the beach is protected and some parts of it can be ‘closed’ to the public to ensure the safety of the turtle. For the same reason the beach is closed to the public at night.

There are two taverns on the beach and sea sports are not allowed for turtle safety. The beach is only 3km away from the center of the Vasilikos area and is not easily accessible, but many come here daily to enjoy the magnificent view and crystal clear waters.
There is free parking on the beach. Other beaches nearby : Gerakas beach.

Time from the city (Port): 30 minutes airplane Time from the airport: 35 minutes
car . Distance from the city (Port): 18 km taxi Distance from the airport: 25 km


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