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Gerakas beach

It is characterized as the most beautiful beach on the island and not unfairly. Its majestic view is the main source of its beauty. In addition, its warm and shallow waters are ideal for everyone.

The beach of Gerakas is protected by the Marine park of Zakynthos, ( Greece ) since it is one of the main beaches, where the eggs are born by the turtles – Caretta turtles. There is an information stand for visitors, which informs the special regulations that apply to the turtle’s protection. Visiting this beach will be memorable.

Location: South East of the Island of Zakynthos
How to get there: Follow the main road, you pass Argassi, Xirokastelo and the town of Vasilikos, about 7 km. You will find the statue of Rome and there is the sign for the beach.
Access  :  Very good and with enough space for parking
Umbrellas  :  Yes, with payment , Toilets  : Yes,  Chemical Toilets
Sea sports : No , Food & Drink : Yes, a good food & drink option, 100 meters from the beach.

Other beaches nearby : Dafni beach.

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