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Seitan Limania Beach

Stefanos beach or Seitan Limania Beach is located  22 km northeast of Chania and 2 km east of Chordaki village, on the east side of Cape Chania on the north coast of island of Crete in Greece.

The coast around the beach is also called Seitan Limani, which means “Seitan Ports”means Cursed Ports in Turkish and derives from the fact that the waters and currents of the area are dangerous.

Despite all the difficulty of access, enjoys the beach mainly young people and almost no family with children .The best season is clearly in mid-autumn, and if you don’t like the crowds, avoid it in August.

Access : Coordinates: 35.551829, 24.193005 / by car : From city of Chania  follow the road to the airport  and then towards the village of Chordaki , Reaching the village  turn right and after passing the branch leading to the summit of Mount Skloka  ,  continue to the chapel of St. Raphael . Passing by the chapel of St. Raphael, the downhill road will lead you over the parking lot , where you will park , near the church of Agios Spiridonas. From there a short but very steep trail descends to the beach at about 5′-10 ‘.There are several distinct signs for the beach after the airport.
bus departing from the city center with itineraries varying according to the season.

Beach type: light sand, pebbles and stones / Hazards: Sharp Rocks / Ammenities available : Parking lot

Note :The descent to the beach is steep, narrow and rocky, The trail is not recommended for young children and people with limited mobility. You must wear sturdy shoes and have your hands free. Keep one or two bottles of water and snacks, fruits or food as there is nothing close to the area.

Activities: canyoning / swimming / snapping selfies : Insta spot

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