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Sigtuna is a picturesque city in Sweden, located on Lake Mälaren.

Sigtuna was founded at the beginning of the 11th century by King Olaf Eriksson and very soon became one of the largest and most beautiful cities in the country, even being a bishop’s residence.
Sigtuna is the oldest city in Sweden. Archaeological excavations suggest that the city was founded in 980 by King Eric Segerssell, the Victorious. It began as a row of houses along the water, and along the shore there were piers. Behind the first row of houses, parallel to the bank, there was the second and so the first street in Sweden was formed.
The location of Sigtuna in the bay of the lake was the most convenient for the entry of ships, so the city acquired even greater importance for the development of Swedish trade. It is with him that the first mentions of trade guilds are associated. The city was especially active in trade with Russia and Byzantium, as evidenced by the numerous items from these countries found during excavations
Due to the fact that Sigtuna is becoming more and more popular with foreign tourists, its infrastructure is developing at a fairly rapid pace. City guests will be provided with comfortable rooms in four and five-star hotels. In addition to the mass of ancient sights, the city also has modern entertainment.

Access : Coordinates: / It is located about 50 kilometers northwest of Stockholm on Sigtunafjärden, a branch of the Mälaren / By plane :
If you are going to take the flight to Sigtuna, you land at Arlanda Airport just outside Märsta and then take the bus to Märsta station and then change bus to Sigtuna (bus 570 / bus 575)

Highlights :

  •  The core of Sigtuna is a pedestrian zone surrounded by colorful wooden houses, where many shops are located. Sigtuna has the smallest town hall in Sweden (1744) (Opening hours: daily 12.00-16.00, Sep-May only on weekends)
  •  the Sigtuna Museum has been opened, here archaeological finds from the Viking Age and the early Middle Ages (Stora Gatan 55) are exhibited (Opening hours: daily 12.00-16.00, Sep.-May Mon. closed).
  •  the runestones, which are located in the city itself (10 runes) and its surroundings (150 runes). The age of these runestones of the Stones is almost 1000 years
  •  Tant Brun’s coffee house is a traditional café in Sigtuna’s oldest wooden house from the 17th century. It is located at the corner of Stora gatan and Laurentii alley and consists of several houses around a farm.
  •  church of St. Mary that has survived from the Middle Ages. In 1247, it was part of the Dominican monastery, and after the destruction of the latter during the reformation, it miraculously survived to this day.
  •  The main street of the city center (Stora Gatan) has numerous brightly painted wooden houses from the 18th and 19th centuries.
  •  St. Olof’s church ruin is located in the cemetery west of St. Mary’s Church. The church ruin is so well preserved that it can be experienced. St. Olof is considered to have been built around the middle of the 12th century
  •  Mariakyrkan from the 13th century is Mälardalen’s oldest brick building. / St. Per’s church ruin is located west of the medieval city center next to the rectory. St. Per’s Church is considered by many to be the archdiocese’s cathedral before the move to Old Uppsala in 1190
  •  St. Lars’ church ruin is located along Prästgatan. Nowadays, only the demolished church tower remains, so it is the church ruin in Sigtuna that has the least remains.
  •  Lundströmska gården is a well-preserved bourgeois home from the turn of the century 1900 on Stora gatan. Lundströmska butiken is a shop with a 19th century atmosphere, it is now part of Sigtuna museum’s business area.
  •  The Roushersberg Palace, built on the shores of Lake Mälaren, is a representative of the architecture of the 18th century. King Charles XIII, who lived here, was actively engaged in the improvement of his residence, laying out a beautiful park around it and making it one of the most popular places for recreation and entertainment of the nobility.

Events : Sigtuna Christmas Market. The four last Sundays before Christmas / Sigtuna Möte. First weekend in September. / Sigtuna Literature Festival. Held in August. /

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / Walk along the old streets of the city / Admire the scenic rocky hills that slope steeply down to Lake Mélaren

Go next : Knivsta :  a municipality just south of Uppsala / Märsta :  the largest city in Sigtuna Municipality in Stockholm County in Sweden / Norrtälje, a town in northern Stockholm County.

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