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Tarahuasi or Tarawasi,  also known by the name of Limatambo is an archaeological site,  of the Inca era in Peru, Cusco region, Anta province, Limatambo district at an altitude of 2700 m above sea level. It is part of a larger archaeological complex.

Tarawasi is an ancient fortress of the Tauantinsu Inca Empire. At one time she defended the approaches to the capital of Cusco. It is an architectural monument of Peru. Located on the famous tourist route – “Inca Trail”, Tarawasi had the purpose of being a ceremonial center that was located at the beginning of Chinchaysuyo, its main temple is located on a Ushnu, with ascent tiers through the middle part of the lower platform that leads to the second one, this has the “U” shape looking at the plan. It is believed that it was also built with the purpose of being a rest area on the route to Chinchaysuyo.
The archaeological complex of Tarawasi, is one of the most successful examples of Inca architecture.
In the construction of stone, the Incas achieved great success, creating their own unique style of polygonal masonry that is practically not found anywhere else. The main feature of such masonry is carefully processed, complex polygonal or rectangular blocks that are fitted to each other with a minimum gap. In this case, no bonding solution is used. In this way, ancient architects built a large number of walls and buildings that have been well preserved to this day.

Among all the archaeological complexes, many of them located in the famous Sacred Valley of the Incas, Tarawasi stands out, which is part of the incredible archaeological circuit where sanctuaries, temples, urban and military centers remained 600 years after their construction.

Access : Coordinates: -13.469167, -72.436389 / The Inca ruin is located about 80 kilometers west of Cusco, in the Limatambo district of the province of Anta.

Highlights :

  • The stones used for the construction of Tarawasi are andesite stones carved in an octagonal shape and finely polished, in such a way that the joints between them are perfect.
  • In Tarawasi there is also an ascent built in the colony, around the 18th century, which was built on the bases of a structure of Inca origin.
  • Temple of the Sun : Of all the buildings, the temple of the Sun is the best preserved.
  • Tara wasi Raymi: The event called Tarawasi raymi is an artistic festival in which various Inca performances are performed, adorned with various dances from Cusco and Abancay.
  • Entrance fees:  General admission of 10 nuevos soles for adults and 5 soles for children
    opening hours : The archaeological center of Tarawasi is open to the public between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and is open all year round without interruptions.

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