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Texel is located in the north-west of the Netherlands in the province of Noord-Holland and is with 585.96 km ² the largest and most westerly of the Dutch islands in the Wadden Sea.

Texel is an island with four types of landscape: dunes and beaches in the west, flat lands and polders in the east, and mounts in the center of the island (which are the remnants of the ice age). In the interior you can find four landscapes -humedales- with beautiful trails on the west central coast of the island, as in The Slufter. Along the Wadden coast in the east, there are smaller wetlands. In the dunes, valleys like The Muy are very popular among tourists.

The following villages are on Texel: De Cocksdorp , Den Hoorn , De Koog , Den Burg , Oudeschild

Access : Coordinates: 53.05, 4.8 / By ferry boat : As Texel is an island, the only realistic way to get to it is by ferry. Teso operates a 30-minute ferry trip from Den Helder de Texel. The ferries leave from 06:30 to 21:30, every hour, with fewer departures on Sundays. In summer and on busy days, two ships are deployed. Ferries dock at ‘t Horntje along the southern tip of the island. From there, buses that bring to the larger towns.

Den Helder can be reached by train. The journey to Den Helder station takes 1 hour and 15 minutes from Amsterdam and 2 hours from Rotterdam. At the bus station 33 it takes you to the ferry dock, or you can walk around the city a little.
By car : by car is also an option. From Amsterdam, take the A9 to Alkmaar. The A9 stops at the traffic lights in Alkmaar. From there, turn left at the roundabout as the road becomes the N9. Follow the N9 until you reach Den Helder.

Get around : Buses run every hour from each town and connect to ferry services every hour -but not to any additional departures- / best experienced by bicycle, in the summer.

Highlights :

  • Texel is famous for its fantastic beaches and beautiful natural landscapes.
    Nationaal Park Duinen van Texel , Slufterweg 1, 1795 KM, Texel, The Netherlands Open : 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM , Excellent place for nature loves and hikers
  • Texel Zoo , Schorrenweg 20, 1794 HG, Texel, The Netherlands , Open : 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Vuurtorenweg Texel Beach , Vuurtorenweg | Next to the Lighthouse, De Cocksdorp, Texel
  • Shipwreck and Beachcombing Museum Flora , Pontweg 141, 1796 MA Den Burg, Texel / Lighthouse Texel , Vuurtorenweg 184, 1795 LN De Cocksdorp, Texel
  • Eiland Galerij , Postweg 72 zuid-eierland, 1795JR, Texel , A beautifully renovated village school with some old attributes from the past. And 2 passionate artists who make really beautiful things.
  • De Sluffer/Den Muy, – northwest of island . Den Sluffer is a tidal inlet with marshes and a lagoon
  • Boeken aan de Dijk , De Rede 19 | dagelijks geopend van Maart tot November, 1797 SM, Texel, Open : 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM , For a good price you can buy your second hand books here.Range varies but there is something for everyone.
  • the Reformed church Den Hoorn Texel from 1425 , Kerkstraat 5, 1797 AD Den Hoorn, Texel, see the beautiful organ and its lovely interior.
  • War and aviation museum , Postweg 126, 1795 JS De Cocksdorp, Texel, Island’s aviation history
  • Cultural History Museum Texel , Hogereind 6, 1793 AG De Waal, Texel / Protestant Church , Dorpsstraat, De Koog, Texel
  • War Cemetery Den Burg , Bernhardlaan 149, 1791 XD Den Burg / Museum Galerie RAT , Burgwal, 20, 1791 AJ Den Burg, Texel
  • Utopia , Lancasterdijk, Oosterend, Texel , Utopia beautiful nature reserve with a large number of birds. Good to view from the dyke.
  • The whole of Texel is beautiful but this is definitely worth a visit. / Francisca Romana Kerk , Molenlaan 2, 1795 AM De Cocksdorp, Texel, The church is located at the beginning of De Cocksdorp. The interior is typically Nordic – simple and sober.

Activities : cycling , There are many places to rent bicycles on the island. cycle routes are the Texel South Cycle Route and the Texel North Cycle Route / Climbing / Seeing seals at Ecomare / Holidays by the sea /
explore the various villages / swimming, sunbathing, kitesurfing, golfing / go-karting / hiking through the nature reserve

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