Tvindefossen Waterfall

Tvindefossen or Tvinnefossen is a waterfall located along the E16 between Voss and Stalheim in the province of Hordaland in western Norway. The water of the river Kroelvi falls over a cliff, step by step down over a height of 152 meters.
Upstream from the top, near the hamlet of Ytre Afdal, there is another waterfall in the river Kroelvi, Breifossen (over 40 meters high).

Access : Coordinates: 60.726389, 6.486389 / Location : Tvinde Camping, 5700, Norway / Tvindefossen waterfall is 12km away from Voss on the E16 road to Flam / Bergen is the main gateway for both international and national arrivals to this part of Western Norway ,
by bus from Bergen, Oslo, or Lillehamer , Voss can be reached by train from Bergen about 1 hour 15 minutes- or Oslo 6 hours trip.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / Hiking / camping site at Tvinnefossen

Nearby Attractions : Siseljafossen Waterfalls / Bordalsgjelet Gorge. / Stalheimskleiva / Skjervet waterfall

Go next : Voss / Flam village / Balestrand / Hardanger / Bergen


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