Yubeng Village

Yubeng is a  village at the foot of Mount Meili, in the heart of the imposing and venerable eastern Himalayan chain. The village is located  about 30 kilometers (19 miles) northeast of Deqin County in northwest Yunnan Province, at an altitude of over 3,000 meters (9,840 feet) is divided between the Upper Yubeng Village and the Lower Yubeng Village and is mainly inhabited by Tibetan people.
Today Yubeng can be reached only on foot or on the back of a mule, through an impassable beaten earth path that puts even the most experienced Treckers to the test. A seven-hour walk that starts from the Mekong valley, rises steeply and then descends straight to the small valley of Yubeng, at about 3100 meters above sea level.
The valley is sacred because it is the cradle of the Shenbu waterfalls or Sacred Waterfalls, whose waters have a purifying function, provided that one arrives on foot and do three turns around, letting the force of the water wash away all evil. For this reason, Yubeng is a pilgrimage destination.

Access : Coordinates: /By bus :  only long-distance bus that departs at 19:00 every day from Kunming West Bus Station to Deqin County Bus Station. The journey takes around 24 hours and the fare is CNY 258. After arriving in Deqin County, you can take a bus to the Xidang Village that leaves at 15:00 every day or rent a local car. From Xidang, it takes about six hours to reach the Upper Yubeng Village China where accommodation is made available by local villagers.

Attractions :
Base Camp and Ice Lake , 3900m / Holy Lake , 4300m. A high mountain lake south of Yubeng. 10 hour hike. / Shenpu , Holy Waterfall , 3600m , There is a tea shop about 2/3 of the way to the waterfall. In the summer.

Admission Fees : CNY 80: CNY 230 for a combo ticket with Yubeng Village, Moon Bay, Misty Summit, Temple Flying Afar of Meili Snow Mountain

Activities : Trekking , Trek Routes  :  Xidang village is the most popular starting point for Yubeng hiking  :-

-A :   Xidang Entry – Yakou – Upper Yubeng Village , –B : Upper Yubeng Village – Base Camp – Ice Lake – Upper Yubeng Village ,--C :  Upper Yubeng Village – Lower Yubeng Village – Sacred Waterfall – Upper Yubeng Village  –D : Upper Yubeng Village – Ninong Grand Canyon – Ninong Village Exit  / nature trails / Yubeng Village Trekking Tours / Wildlife viewing / photo opportunities /

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Eat : Drink : Accommodation :

Go next : walk from lower Yubeng to Ninong ,4-6 hours / Ninong Grand Canyon / Shangri-La / Tibet


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