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Bovbjerg Lighthouse

Bovbjerg Lighthouse is a Danish lighthouse on the west coast of Jutland ( Jutland is a large peninsula in Northern Europe that forms all of continental Denmark and the Schleswig-Holstein state in northern Germany. ) . on the North Sea of Denmark.

The lighthouse was built in 1877. Although it is only 26 meters high, the height of the fire above the sea level is 62 meters, as the lighthouse stands on Bovbjerg’s highest point near a cliff. The striking red color should distinguish the tower from the nearby church towers in Ferring and Trans, which were previously used for orientation of the sailors.
The lighthouse is built after drawing by lighthouse engineer C.F. Grove and architect N.S. Nebelong (died 1871, but delivered drawing to the corresponding Hirtshals Fyr in 1863).

There are 93 steps up to the view balcony. From here one looks out over Bovbjerg, which is an unspoilt ice age landscape, where bold green grassland extends all the way to the 40 meter high cliff towards the sea.
The lighthouse is now operated as a popular excursion destination and venue , by a large group of volunteers, under the expert guidance of the “lighthouse aunt” Lene Christiansen, who has been lighthouse keeper since 2009.The many volunteers, man u. A. the boutique and cafe, organize exhibitions, theaters, markets and keep the lighthouse and the many buildings in condition.
The cultural lighthouse attracts about 40,000 visitors annually.

Access : Coordinates: 56.513169°, 8.119633° / Address : Fyrvej 27 , Ferring 7620 Lemvig

Highlights :

  • In front of the lighthouse is a memorial stone erected by the local town bailiff in connection with King Frederik VI’s visit in 1826 and 1830. In the area there are also two more memorial stones; North of the lighthouse stands a memorial stone for the left-wing politician Christen Berg, erected in 1902, north of Ferring City a memorial stone for C.F. Grove, who initiated coastal security on the west coast of Jutland in 1875.
  • Changing exhibitions about the history of the tower, Abseiling from the tower , Common food , Brunch, concerts , Theater performances, Guides
  • If you are on a bicycle, you can experience here “Denmark’s most beautiful bike path”, the Tipwagen trail, with Bovbjerg Lighthouse as the centerpiece.
  • hiking : A longer hike is the trip north along the Tipwagen trail to Ferring with Jens Sondergaards Museum, the Minimuseet and Ferring Church. Back on the beach – or vice versa.
  • Historical exhibition : Because of the history of the area of the Bovbjerg lighthouse there is a narrator workshop called “Fyrforstand” at the lighthouse. Here are the many stories exhibited, so you can gain an exciting insight into the environment of the lighthouse. This includes  Tales from the churches and memorials of the place and the artist life at Bovbjerg.

Opening hours : Access to the lighthouse is open all year around during the daylight hours.

Facilities : Cafe, shop and exhibitions , Coach park : January: Closed , February – March: 1 pm – 4 pm (Monday closed) , April – June:
1 pm – 5 pm (Monday closed) , July – August: 11 am – 5 pm , November – December: 1 pm – 4 pm (Monday closed)

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / Rapelling at Bovbjerg Fyr / Art Exhibitions in the Lighthouse / the moraine hill Bovbjerg – is best experienced on a walk on foot or by bike.
/ guided tours and presentations

Go next : beach :  Bovbjerg Strand. / Lemvig Municipality / Skjern A National Park / Blavand / Henne Strand / Ringkobing

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