Dead Sea

Dead Sea, is the lake in the Middle East but we often call it the sea,According to the Old Testament, both this lake and the steep valley around it are also called Arab (Arabian Sea, Arabian Valley).The Dead Sea is located in the deepest depression on the planet at an altitude of about 430 meters below sea level. Israel owns its western coast, which is wedged in by a 25-kilometer stretch controlled by the Palestinian Authority. In addition to mud spas, salt water bathing and desert walks, the Dead Sea area has several historical sites, including Qumran National Park, where ancient manuscripts were discovered, and Masada Fortress, one of the iconic sites of Jewish history.

The Israeli stretch of coast of the Dead Sea is surrounded by the Palestinian part of the Judean Desert in the north and northwest, the Dead Sea or Jordan in the east and the Negev desert in the south and west. The region stretches about 60 kilometers along the southwestern shore of the Dead Sea and is only a few kilometers wide. The actual coastal strip is relatively narrow, as the terrain rises very quickly further west by several hundred meters to the Judean highlands.
It has a length,  77 km and a maximum width of 16 km. Its surface is located about 400 meters below the surface of the Mediterranean (negative altitude), which makes it the lowest surface point on the mainland, while there is a significant drop in its level, about 1 meter per year, mainly due to the reduction of the Jordan River runoff, but also the intense human activity.
The existence of salt in the Dead Sea is due to the fact that when in ancient times the water level was much higher than today and with the passage of many years and evaporation desalination led to large percentages of salt (24%) which does and its buoyancy is very ‘heavy’. This process over time has been named (as given by scientists) Norem Ustrum which means ‘Increased Perialism’
On the beach of the Dead Sea there are several hotels, motels and bars, as the experience of swimming there is unique. Due to the salt content, its water has a higher specific gravity than the sea, which reaches about 1,162, therefore, greater buoyancy, so that one can float without much effort.
Thanks to this wealth, the Dead Sea has turned into a unique healing resort, which attracts a large number of tourists from all over the planet.

Access : Coordinates: / you can easily reach the Dead Sea from the Jordanian side but also from the Israeli side.

Highlights :

  • You can find hotels on both the Israeli coast and the Jordanian side.On the Jordanian east side of the Dead Sea on the Lisan Peninsula are the places Numeira and Bab edh-Dhra (also known as Dhra).
  • Qumran National Park / Einot Tzukim . The world’s lowest oasis / Ein Gedi, a Kibbutz and nearby oasis / Masada – Mountaintop Fortress -Masada National Park is 18 km south of Ein Gedi / Nahal Zohar and Metsad Zohar (fortress) / Mount Sodom. A low mountain next to the Dead Sea which is 80 % made of salt./ Colonel Cave,Malham Cave / Flour Cave as part of Wadi Perazim with its impressive canyon / Hamei Zohar Public Beach / Ein Bokek Public Beach,/ Ein Bokek – a “city” of hotels located on the shores of the artificial, southern Dead Sea / Neve Zohar – a town next to Ein Bokek / Ein Tamar / Neot Hakikar – a village at the very south of the Dead Sea / Ein Gedi – a Kibbutz and Nature Reserve.
  • The area is still popular because of the sights, and the area with En Bokek offers one of the best developed tourist spots on the whole of the Dead Sea.
  • The mud along the Dead Sea coast contains many minerals and is believed to have medicinal and therapeutic benefits. It is not uncommon for visitors to cover their bodies with dark mud.
  • Public beach “Ein Gedi”. Free admission, toilets and changing rooms –  A popular 24/7 beach, with an unpleasant rocky shore, but with minimal amenities. There is also a 24-hour snack bar.
  • Beaches of Ein Bokek. The largest tourist area in the region, located on a narrow strip between the Dead Sea and the desert. It is famous for its large number of free sandy beaches and is popular with Russian-speaking immigrants and tourists.
  • A popular fashion for visitors is to have their photograph taken while they are reading a newspaper and floating on the surface of the water.
  • The salt pillars : An ancient legend is associated with one of these pillars. The Bible mentions the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, which are mired in vices and sins.
  • Due to the fact that the Dead Sea is the lowest point of the planet, The short-wave UVB rays are reduced by about 30 percent compared to nearby locations that are 300 meters above sea level.
  • Due to the salinity the water of the Dead Sea is very curable. After leaving the water the body remains covered with a thick layer of salt, which over time acts on the skin. At the bottom of the sea is also the layer of mud with which people do body painting for better health.
  • The high percentage of salinity practically excludes the possibility of the existence of living organisms, the origin and the resulting name of the lake. While in the Dead Sea.

Go next : Al-Maghtas – Unesco Location of the Baptism of Christ on the Jordan River./ Madaba – Located 40km south of the capital, Madaba is known as the “City of Mosaics”. / Wadi Mujib – Gorge that reaches the Dead Sea about 400m below sea level. / En Gedi, located just south of the West Bank border, a well-known oasis / En Bokek is the most famous Israeli seaside resort on the Dead Sea / Between En Gedi and En Bokek there is a well-known rock fortress called Masada, which originally goes back to Herod the Great.


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