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Dutch Harbor

Dutch Harbor is a port on Amaknak Island, a small island near Unalaska Island in the US state of Alaska.

According to some, the name Dutch Harbor originated when the explorer James Cook saw a Dutch ship at anchor when he arrived here. Others refer in this connection to Ivan Solovyov of the ship Svjatye Pjotr ​​i Pavel, who established the place ‘Gollandskaja gavan’ (Dutch harbour) here in 1772.
The two islands are connected by a bridge and belong to the Aleutian Islands, the series of islands between Alaska and the Russian Kamchatka Peninsula.
Dutch Harbor is an important port for fishing and trade in the Bering Sea. There is also a US military base.In the documentary series Deadliest Catch, which can be seen regularly on the Discovery Channel, the port is often mentioned as a departure and unloading place, in addition to prospering as a fishing base, there is also an airport where medium-sized jet passenger planes can take off and land and it also becomes a tourist base in the Aleutian Islands.

Access : Coordinates: 53.902917, -166.518389 / Dutch Harbor is located in the Aleutians West Census Area and the state of Alaska. Alaska Airlines’ regular passenger flights operate between Unalaska Airport and Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

Highlights :

  • The commander of the Russian ship Zakharii I Elisaveta, Druzhinin, is credited with discovering the deep-water harbor now known as Dutch Harbor.The Dutch ship first entered the territory, but since then it has been Russian territory. US Secretary of State William Seward purchased Alaska for $ 7.2 million on April 9, 1867, and has since developed into a sea otter and other fur trade and whaling base.
  • The indigenous people of this area are known as the Aleutians / Unalaska and the international port Dutch Harbor are the fishing centers of the North Pacific and Bering Seas.
  • The archipelago offers numerous outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, sports fishing, kayaking, bird watching and wildlife – wildflower viewing.
  • Top sights in Dutch Harbor : Holy Ascension of Our Lord Russian Orthodox Cathedral / Aleutian Islands WWII National Monument – Visitor Center / Museum of the Aleutians / Bunker Hill / Fort Schwatka. / Aleutian World War II National Historic Area./ Iliuliuk Bay.

Go next : Explore the Amaknak Island , an 8.5 km² island in the Aleutian Islands and is one of the Fox Islands. It is located in Unalaska Bay in the northeast of Unalaska Island.

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