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EDRO III Shipwreck

One of the most important sights of the sea area of Cyprus is the shipwreck of M/V EDRO III, in Pegeia, Paphos ,Cyprus.

Late on the night of October 7, 2011, the ship M/V EDRO III, which carried the flag of Sierra Leone and was owned by an Albanian shipowner, with a crew of 9 sailors, departed from the port of Limassol bound for Rhodes, loaded with plasterboard.
Due to the strong winds and the turbulence of the sea, the boat drifted, hit a rock and remained unmanned, as a result of which it drifted to the shore of the tourist area of Pegeia, 10 km from Paphos.

M/V EDRO III Shipwreck is One of the most important sights of the sea area of Cyprus,The impressive hull in the sea near the Sea Caves has become in recent months the most popular, by far, attraction of the province.

Access : Coordinates: 34.87305, 32.339306 / shipwreck of EDRO III, located in Pegeia, 10 km from Paphos , Cyprus.

Highlights :

  • These rocks are located just a few meters from the coast of Pegeia and 1300 meters from the ship Demetrios II, another abandoned ship that was trapped.
  • The specific area of the EDRO III Shipwreck is protected and included in the Natura 2000 program.
  • This boat has been a sought-after decor for civil weddings by couples in recent years.
  • The dimensions of the ship are 94.75 meters long and 14.50 meters wide and it has an inclination of 12 degrees.

Go next : The area located from EDRO III, just 200 meters from the sea caves / The ship Demetrios II, another abandoned ship.

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