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Laguna Colorada

The Laguna Colorada is a shallow large lake in  the National Park of Andean Wildlife “Eduardo Avaroa”, in the southern part of the Altiplanos in the Bolivian department of Potosí at an altitude of 4278 m above sea level.

Laguna Colorada has maximum dimensions of 10.7 km long by 9.6 km wide with an area of 54 km² and an average depth of 35 cm. It is considered a high Andean-saline type lagoon, which contains islands of borax in the northeast and southeast sectors. The red coloring of its waters is due to red-colored sediments and the pigments of certain types of algae that live there. Water tones range from brown shades to intense reds. It is a breeding ground for Andean flamingos, very beautiful migratory birds that number in their thousands in these mineral-rich waters.

Access : Coordinates: -22.198611, -67.781111 / The Laguna Colorada is very remote and can therefore only be reached via jeep tours from Uyuni, Tupiza or San Pedro de Atacama.

Highlights :

  • The lake is known for its large populations of flamingos of three species: Chilean, yellow-footed or Andean flamingo and James or short-billed flamingo.
  • Since June 27, 1990, the lagoon has been recognized as a Ramsar site under the name of Los Lípez.
  • In 2007, the lagoon was among the nominees in the competition to select the new seven wonders of nature, but did not make it to the final by the number of votes.
  • Laguna Colorado is one of the objects of international importance, included in the Convention on Wetlands, signed in 1971.

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