Gamle Stavanger

Gamle Stavanger is a historic district  located on the western side of Vågen, the inner harbor  area  of the Norwegian city of Stavanger.
Gamle Stavanger is a historic district  located on the western side of Vågen, the inner harbor  area  of the Norwegian city of Stavanger. In the district there are a variety of historic wooden houses . The oldest surviving building is probably Blidensol House built in the beginning of the 18th century in the Ovre Strandgate, whose first documentary mention is from the year 1767 , Other houses were built at the end of the 18th century after the city fire of Stavanger in 1760.

The majority of the houses, however, was built between 1820 and 1860. The living space of the small, originally mostly used by fisher families houses only between 27 and 80 m², where The buildings were partly used by two families.

In 1957, an association for the preservation of the old town was founded under the chairmanship of Einar Hedén . The number of listed buildings was increased in 1964 to 79, until 1979, a project to protect the entire area began. Today (as of 2017) the district presents itself almost completely renovated. The predominantly white painted buildings are used for residential purposes or as shops or workshops by artisans. The city of Stavanger pays the resident of the district grants to allow the preservation of historic houses.

A place in Gamle Stavanger was named Einar Hedén Square in honor of the city architect. In the center of the district is the Norwegian Canned Food Museum. Towards the harbor is the old customs office Gamle Tollbod. At the northeastern end Gamle Stavangers stands the monument of Admiral Thore Horve. At the southern entrance to the district is the Lars Lende statue reminiscent of the philosopher Lars Lende (1882-1971)
Today what we see is a very recollected neighborhood, with houses painted in white, most of them privately owned, the floor of cobblestone streets, and all, absolutely all houses, restored. The Municipality of Stavanger has received several awards for the preservation of Gamle Stavanger.

Access : Coordinates: 58.972778, 5.725278 /It is located on the western shore of Vagen harbor in the northwestern part of Stavanger city center.

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