Shipwreck MV E Evangelia

Evangelia is a Greek ship that went aground in Romania on the west coast of the Black Sea.The 7,355 tdw greek ship, 2.650 hp, Greece flag, was built at Harland and Wolff Shipyards in Belfast, Northern Ireland and launched on May 28, 1942. The first owner was the Blue Star Line. During the Second World War, American cargo was then transformed into a merchant ship.
On October 15, 1968, the ship failed at about 1.5 Mm from the northern beach of Costineşti resort, in an area of  the natural bay called the “the Frenchman’s Bay ” Approximately 12 hours before the collapse, the Evangelia crew asked for help through the Interstate and Naval Salvage Group of Constanta Harbor by transmitting a saved SOS, “Save Our Soul,” through which the craft sensed that it was in a state of difficulty.

the ship sailed very close to the seacoast and beached between two immersed rocks at approximately 200 m from shore in the vicinity of the village Costinesti, in the place where it lies right now.Regardless of the causes of the disaster, the slowly decaying ship became a local tourist attraction.

Access : Coordinates: 43.95, 28.633333 / Costineşti is 31 km south of Constanta. You can get there by car using DN 39(E 87), by train approx 35 minutes from Constanta  /  by bus  : in the summer there are  buses depart every 15 minutes from the train station in Constanta.

Activities : hiking / sightseeing / photo opportunities / sea kayaking

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