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Anakena beach

Anakena is a coral and white sand beach located in the Rapa Nui National Park on the north coast of Easter Island, Chile.
Anakena is a sandy beach on Easter Island. It is located in the middle of the north coast of the island in the Gulf of Anakena. At the end of the 500 m diameter bay on the north coast is a small white sandy beach, next to the smaller Ovahe beach one kilometer further east, it is the only one on Easter Island.
It is an atypical bay for the island, most of the coast of which is rocky and formed of black volcanic rocks. This place is considered the cradle of the history and culture of Easter Island.
The beach is part of the National Park and as part of it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.Today the area is covered with a small coconut palm grove.

Access : Coordinates: -27.073889, -109.322778 / Anakena is a bay on the north coast of Easter Island.

Highlights :

  • According to local legends, Legend has it that this is where Hotu Matua, the mythical founding father of the Easter Island people, landed and founded a settlement. This settlement was the nucleus for the settlement of Easter Island.
  • Anakena Beach was a 1994 location for the movie Rapa Nui directed by Kevin Reynolds, starring Jason Scott Lee, Esai Morales, Sandrine Holt, George Henare and Cliff Curtis. This movie was produced by Kevin Costner.
  • Anakena has two stone platforms: Ahu-Ature contains one beautiful and Ahu Nao-Nao seven.
  • The Moai : Moai  are stone statues on the coast of Easter Island in the form of a human head with a torso truncated at about waist level.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking / Diving, Fishing ,Kayak ,Picnic / Historical Tours.

Go next : Ahu Te Pito Kura : The ahu contains the largest moai on the island at 11 meters in length / Te Pito o Te Henua : It is a huge round stone that represents the “navel of the world” for the islanders.



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