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Kinsale is a historic port and fishing town in County Cork, Republic of Ireland.
It is located on the left bank of the mouth of the Bandon River at its confluence with the Atlantic Ocean.
In 1601 Kinsale was the site of a battle between the English and the Irish: Hugh O’Neill, defeated by the armies of Lord Mountjoy, submitted and went into exile in May. The defeat caused the flight to the continent of the nobles who had participated in the war (Flight of the Counts). In 1689, Jacques II of England landed in Ireland at Kinsale, then exiled in France, in 1690, after his defeat at the Battle of the Boyne, from the same place.
The city is famous for its restaurants, and annually hosts the “Gourmet Festival”. Renowned chef Keith Floyd – lived here, Kinsale is a popular tourist resort for Irish and foreign tourists which is known for all of its restaurants, colorful houses, and excellent leisure activities like boating, angling and golf. This city is also culturally rich with its art galleries.
Kinsale, which is called Irish St Tropez, is beautiful as a postcard. In the narrow streets decorated with flowers, countless cafes and restaurants stand side by side.
There are especially many visiting Americans in Kinsale, and not necessarily of Irish origin. Apparently Ireland’s excellent reputation overseas was largely due to the preacher William Penn, who went down in history as the founder of Pennsylvania.

Access : Coordinates: 51.705556, -8.522222 / is located approximately 25 km from Cork
/ There is a regular bus service to the center of Cork from the port of Kinsale.

Highlights :

  • Delicious Food District : Countless cafes and restaurants stand side by side. 11 of them form the so-called Kinsale Delicious Food District.
  •  Charles Fort : Charles Fort is a classic example of a star-shaped fort. As one of the largest forts in the country, Charles Fort was built to protect the port of Kinsale between 1677-1682. At the time, it was called the “new fort” because the fort opposite James was built in 1602.
    The fort is named after King Charles II and was designed by Sir William Robinson, who also designed the Kilmainham prison./ Main Street / St. Multose Church.
  •  Desmond Castle from 1500, also called the French Prison / Nohaval Cove – bay with ruins ,approx. 15 km from the town center / Kinsale Regional Museum, Market Square.
  •  Old Courthouse – courthouse and museum of local history / Main Street / Old Head of Kinsale – impressive cliffs ,approx. 8 km from the town center.
  • Fort James : Fort James was built in the 17th century on the site of an ancient castle to protect the port of Cork. First, Fort Charles was built on the opposite side of the harbor, and then at the beginning of the XVII century – Fort James. Then Fort James became known as Old Fort – Irish Shendangen.
  •  It is the hometown of the notorious pirate captain Anne Bonny, who attacked vessels in the Caribbean Sea in the 18th century.
  •  When RMS Lusitania was torpedoed by a German submarine on May 7, 1915, relief was coordinated at Kinsale, which was the nearest port. A statue in the harbor.
  • Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / Kinsale Harbour Cruises / Historic Stroll in Old Kinsale / Dermot Ryan’s Heritage Town Walk.

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