Lake Teletskoye

Teletskoye (Altyn-Kol) is a lake in the North-Eastern Altai, in the Typochak and Ulagan districts of the Altai Republic ( Russia ) . The largest reservoir of Gorny Altai and one of the deepest lakes in the world, a unique reservoir of clean and ultra-fresh water.
The lake is named Teletsky Russian pioneers by the name of the nomadic tribes of teles (Teleuts) dwelling on its shores. Local peoples called the lake Altyn-Kol (Kel) – Golden Lake. According to a number of attributes, many researchers (genesis of the basin, chemical composition of water, hydrochemical regime, etc.) call it “little Baikal”.
The water boundary is located at an altitude of 434 m above sea level. The water area is 227.3 km2, the length of the lake is 78.6 km, the average width is 2.89 km, the maximum is 5.2 km, the average depth is 174 m, and the maximum is 325 m. The Teletskoye is the largest lake of the Altai Republic and the 57th lake Of Russia by water surface area
More than seventy large and small rivers flow into the lake, not counting temporary streams, but the main volume of water (more than 2/3) comes from the south-flowing Chulyshman River, which originates from the large alpine lake Dzhulukul, located at an altitude of more than 2000 meters . Near the villages of Artybash and Iogach in the northern part of the lake the river Biya flows out of it.
Its right bank is part of the Altai Nature Reserve, which, along with the Katoun Nature Reserve and the Oukok Plateau Nature Reserve, is included in the heritage-listed Altai Gold Mountains region. UNESCO World Summit since 1998.
On the shores of Lake Teletskoye there are a large number of hotels and camp sites.

Access : Coordinates: 51.529167, 87.714722 / The most convenient way to get to Altay is to take a plane from Moscow to Barnaul (from $230 return, 4 hours flight) and then take a bus or personal mini-bus to Gorno-Altaisk ( The closest big city ) .
The cheapest way to get to Altai area is to take a train from Moscow to Novosibirsk (from $70 one way), then take a train to Biysk (through Barnaul – about 370 km and $5 one way), then take a car or a bus  to Gorno-Altaisk -at the beginning of Altai mountains- and further – take local buses to Altai mountains along Chuisky Trakt (the auto-road that goes through Altay to Mongolia).

Get around : You can drive to the northern part of Teletskoye Lake from Biysk via Gorno-Altaisk and to the village of Artybash. From the Kemerovo region the road goes through Tashtagol and Turochak. To the south of Lake Teletskoye, they drive up along the Chuisky road to Aktash, turn off to Ulagan and then to the Katu-Yaryk pass. On the shores of Lake Teletskoye there are many turbas and rest facilities and just places where you can set up a tent camp. Parking outside the designated areas is prohibited. Boats on the Lake Teletskoye are both in Artybash and in Yogach.

Highlights :

  • Altai Reserve , The Altai Nature Reserve is a Russian nature reserve located in the Altai Republic in the Altai Mountains. The protected area covers an area of 8812 square kilometers and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • village of Yailyu – the central manor of the Altai Reserve
    Korbu Waterfall , with a height of 12.5 m, located on the territory of the Altai Nature Reserve.
  • The Chulyshmansky canyon , here there are such unique natural formations as stone mushrooms, pyramids, pillars, which are very popular with travelers from all over the world.
  • Uchar waterfall , the largest cascade waterfall in Western Siberia with a height of 160 meters.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking / Tasting national dishes and Concert of throat singing / Ethnographic tours Golden Ring of Altai /
/ hiking ecological and educational trail Bele terrace / Cruise on the ship / Fishing : Fishing is popular on the Lake Teletskoye – grayling, taimen, pike, burbot, as well as Taitsky fish are caught here / Rafting : Fans of mountain-water trips will certainly enjoy rafting on the Biya River – the only river originating from Lake Teletskoye /
environmental education activities of the Altai Nature Reserve./ Off-road driving / hunting / mountaineering / caving / climbing

Events : Chuya Rafting Rally , Event Date : 05-06-2019 Event End Date 05-11-2019 , Location Chibit, Altai Republic, Russia

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